For two years in a row YOU have made this weekslong fundraising campaign the biggest donor event of the year. 
Every Monday over the next several weeks, we will announce a monetary matching goal
on our Facebook pages that a generous donor has agreed to give as long as we collectively raise the matching amount.

How much can you give to support this treasured outdoor ministry? 

There are two specific ways you can be part of this major giving movement.
1: Become a donor. Gifts from individuals, families, groups, and churches of any amount make a major impact for outdoor ministry.
2. Share the giving opportunity. Each Monday the Match goal is posted on the camp and retreat center's Facebook pages.
Please share these posts! The more reach we foster, the wider the circle of giving will be, and the deeper the impact. 

Be sure to follow along with all of these big announcements on our Facebook pages.


  Giving Instructions:
1. View ONLINE DONATION FORM or Click on the "Donate Today" button below
2. Complete the donation form.
3. Select "Matching Monday Campaign” as your area of designation.
4. Click submit.