SITE DIRECTOR: The Wesley Forest site is managed by a site director who is present throughout the entire camping season. They program and plan year-round events, organize and educate volunteers, market events and manage the care of the site, providing a clean, safe and hospitable environment for all campers.

Meet Emily Sliski - Wesley Forest Site Director:
My experience with Camp and Retreat Ministry:  My first experience at camp was the Family Fishing Weekend at Wesley Forest.  I got to sleep in the bunks, eat the food, hike and enjoy the outdoors with my family.   I started attending summer camp at Wesley Forest when I was in 5th grade and had an absolute blast.  I returned to camp every summer after that in varying forms - as a camper, summer Lifeguard, a member of the Nature/ Resource team, and a volunteer counselor.  At camp I discovered my passion, which is getting people unplugged from their every day life and getting people plugged in to nature and God's Creation.  Because of this discovery, I studied Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Studies in college and I have always worked in the outdoor recreation field.  Working at camp is a combination of my two goals in life; the first is to make disciples of Jesus and the second is to get people outside enjoying His creation.

Things I like to do with my family: We love exploring and adventuring!  You can often find us day hiking, backpacking, road tripping, rock climbing, fishing, boating, exploring back roads in our Jeep, star gazing and in general just lounging outside.  We also love watching soccer and cheering on our favorite teams.

Things I like to do in my free time:  I love reading and I love learning.  I read all kinds of books: how-to, adventure, travel, mystery, inspiration.  And I love learning about the world around me: flora, fauna, and how we can use it, protect it and cultivate it.  If I'm not reading I'm gardening, re-purposing furniture finds, baking, treasure hunting in antique stores and thrift stores, or catching up with friends and family. 

Emily, Dixie, and Johnathan

DEANS: These adults, including both clergy and lay people, provide leadership and supervision for one camp event. They recruit, train and supervise the counselors for their session of camp and plan and lead the worship experiences.
COUNSELORS: Counselors are adults, 18 years of age or older, who are responsible for the direct supervision of the campers. Assistant counselors ages 16 and 17 are allowed to assist with the elementary camps, but do not have supervisory responsibilities.

SUMMER STAFF: These young adults work at camp before, during and after the campers attend to ensure a safe and clean physical environment. They serve as lifeguards, supervise the challenge courses, staff the nature resource programs, and perform many other vital duties. They work  under the supervision of the site directors.

Paid Seasonal Positions available at Wesley Forest are:
To oversee and control all waterfront activities with the safety of the participants as the most important consideration.

Nature/Resource Facilitator: To work directly with campers and volunteer staff in the Challenge Course Program and leading and interpreting the outdoor education programs of Wesley Forest.

If you are interested in a paid position go to Wesley Forest - Summer Camp - Forms and print an application. Mail your completed application to Emily Sliski, Wesley Forest Site Director, PO Box 35, Weikert, PA 17885

If you want to be a volunteer at a particular camp session, please send your application to the Dean of that event. If you want to be a volunteer, but don't know which session, contact the Camp & Retreat Ministry Office at 800-874-8474 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All staff and volunteers responsible for overnight supervision of campers are 18 years old or older, and at least five years older than the oldest youth under their supervision.